Making it Better!

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Making it Better!

Program Overview

Making it Better is a  two day program aimed at providing the opportunity for students to develop leadership and personal skills.

The program is one step in a journey in which students will help to ‘Make it Better’ :
  • for themselves – by developing self esteem and resilience,
  • for their classmates – by being better equipped to work in a team,
  • for their school – by gaining confidence to take on leadership roles,
  • for their community and environment – by being challenged to make a commitment and get involved.

The program is a mix of both instructional sessions and practical activities where students are given an opportunity to try some of the ideas presented in the workgroups.

The program runs all year round (we recommend in the first half of the year) at the Brisbane Urban Environmental Education Centre (located at Newmarket State School). It is highly recommended that a supervisor be present, particularly one who will be working with the students throughout the year.

The Queensland Environmentally Sustainable Schools Initiative (QESSI) identifies one of the key goals as ‘empowering ourselves and others to initiate actions and programs that support attitudinal and behavioural change’ QESSI Alliance Strategic Plan (2005-2007).


Did you know?

People speak at 100 to 175 words per minute, but they can listen intelligently at 600 to 800 words per minute. Since only a part of our mind is paying attention, it is easy to go into mind drift.

Archery target practice